Apparently One In Four Men Would Get An Impotence Treatment From An Unknown Source

There’s some recent research that suggests men who suffer from erectile dysfunction would not only consider buying treatments from an unknown or unofficial source but over half of them have actually already done so!


This means there are men in the UK who suffer from erectile dysfunction that are buying treatments online that could harm them.  A quarter of men who suffer from the condition admit they would take impotence treatments from an unknown source to help boost their sex lives. The majority of these men confirmed they would do this to avoid the ‘embarrassment’ of having to discuss this with a health professional.

Those taking part in the study were asked, “Would you take impotence treatments from an unknown source when suffering from erectile dysfunction?” defined as a retail source whose reputability was unclear or completely unknown (including being given treatment by friends). According to the results, just over a quarter, 26%, of the men taking part said ‘yes’.

When the respondents were asked why they would do so, the top three reasons given were revealed to be as follows:

1)      Avoid embarrassment of seeking medical help- 62%

2)      Cheaper than paying for prescription- 35%

3)      Don’t want partner to know I’m taking impotence treatments- 25%

On further probing the respondents were asked, “Have you ever taken impotence treatments from an unknown source?” over half, 58%, said ‘yes’. The most common ‘unknown source’ was revealed to be having been ‘given the treatment by a friend’ for 62%, whilst 40% had purchased a treatment from a ‘website of unknown reputability’. 12% had taken impotence treatment from a friend’s home without their knowledge.

It’s important that no one ever buys medication for any treatment from a source that is not reputable however it appears to you.  It is dangerous as you do not know what the product you are buying contains, it may be the wrong treatment for your condition and there may be underlying conditions or reactions caused that are not highlighted or picked up upon.


Always ensure if buying through a website that it is a reputable company and registered with the GPHC, if in doubt check with them

You can pop in our local pharmacy without an appointment and usually find a friendly and private conversation can reassure you and our pharmacies can now supply the treatment without a prescription from you doctor or visit us online