Smokers in Tilbury are being offered help to quit as part of National No Smoking Day on Wednesday 12 March.

Asset Chemist in Tilbury aims to offer those wanting to quit help and practical advice to help them stay smoke free. The service is offered as part of the All About Health Programme, which promotes healthy living.


Smoking is one of the biggest preventable causes of death in the UK, yet every year more than 100,000 people die from smoking related causes.

 Since 2007 the rate of smoking has remained largely unchanged.Giving up smoking is a challenge, with 60 per cent of smokers saying they would find it hard to stop even just for one day.1

 Local pharmacist Yomi Adenaike agreed that quitting was a difficult journey but pointed out that people using the structured support their community pharmacy provided were five times more likely to succeed than those that go it alone.2

 Yomi said No Smoking Day was a good opportunity for people to quit, but support and advice was available all year round to start your quit journey.

 “By popping into the pharmacy we can discuss your individual needs, talk through the products available to support you and offer ongoing encouragement and tailored advice to help you stop smoking for good.”

 Yomi said there was good news for smokers who managed to stay off the cigarettes with the health benefits becoming apparent after just 24 hours. As the nicotine and carbon monoxide start to leave the body, oxygen levels return to normal. The lungs will start to clear out mucus and other smoking debris and smokers will have an improved sense of taste and smell.

 Between two and 12 weeks, regular exercise will become easier and breathing improves. From three months coughs, wheezing and breathing problems are reduced and by a year the  risk of coronary heart disease is half that of a smoker.

 Yomi says:  “There’s no need for an appointment, people can simply walk into the pharmacy for a free private consultation. We also offer blood pressure and cholesterol checks which can be followed up to help chart improvement over time.”

 For more information or to discuss your stop smoking journey visit Asset Chemist, 128 Dock Road, Tilbury, RM18 7BJ.