Suns out, Guns out! – Protect yourself this summer!


The sun is on its way! (about time) but lets not forget the dangers that go with the warm summer months.


The most obvious dangers of summer are often the ones ignored, such as overheating. Such as heatstroke and heat cramps can occur in people who do not take precautions. Heat cramps are muscle spasms that result from low sodium levels due to sweating, heat exhaustion is a weakness or tiredness that results from dehydration, and

heat stroke occurs when the body’s ability to regulate its own temperature breaks down. Victims of heat stroke should be cooled down as rapidly as possible and medical help summoned immediately. Keep hydrated.

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Not only are burns caused by being in the sun too long they an also be caused by touching metallic surfaces. As we all know metal contracts heat therefore in the sun becomes very hot and can sometimes burn the skin. Some metal surfaces can reach over 200 degrees Fahrenheit, so keep away from metal surfaces! If you are to come in contact with metal and are burnt relieve the pain with cold water and seek medical attention.


Drinking alcohol in the sun couldn’t sound more relaxing right? wrong. Alcohol is a diuretic, which means it dehydrates you. This puts people who are drinking at increased risk for heat related conditions.Drinking is also a significant factor in drowning deaths as well. 70% of deaths associated with water recreation involved alcohol.


Suns out, Guns out! Its time to kick back and relax in the sun and get our short shorts out. BUT wearing the correct level of protection is essential to staying safe in the sun. Has, sunglasses and sunblock or sun tan lotion are a must, especially in children. Using a higher SPF on sun tan lotion wil give more protection, the higher the safer. Using sun block on those easily burnt places such as noses and faces will ensure no burning, its perfectly safe to tan but not to burn.  Burns can lead to hospital treatment.images

Relaxing in the sun and enjoying the summer is what everyone has been waiting for but please do it safely, nobody wants to spend their summer in a stuffy hospital waiting room.

Be safe, Cream up!

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