christmas hat AC_clipped_rev_1Not long now ’til the big guys here! but remember toys may not be the only presents your kids get this year.  Cold and flu season is upon us and its important to not only protect yourselves but your children as well.

It is perfectly normal for children to have up to 8 colds a year, but as they get older they become more immune and get fewer colds. The majority of colds usually disappear between 5-7 days but if you can’t bear your child to be in such a snotty way then here are a few ways to ease the symptoms:

  • Increase fluid intake
  • Having your child take over the counter medication
  • encourage cleanliness within the family to reduce the cold spreading

There are many different over the counter medicine that are available for children, a few of them are Nurofen for children, a range of benylin for children and calpol.

The NHS choices website is a massive help and has many symptoms and advise on what to do with your children when a cold just wont budge:

A baby thermometer can be great to have handy if your little one ever becomes stuffy and bunged up, you can determine the temperature of your child and see what measures need to be taken for them to become well again.


The medicare infrared forehead non-contact baby thermometer, which is sold at Asset Chemist, is a must have for new mum’s this year. Before panicking and shooting off to the doctors take your baby’s temperature and try some at home methods. If symptoms don’t improve then its a trip to your local pharmacy or GP for you and your little one.

Be cold free for Christmas!

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