New Year, New you! Lose weight this January!


After Christmas 2014 have you piled on the pounds? Or over indulged in the festive season? If so here are a few tips and easy exercises to help shift those extra pounds.


Top ten tips for weight loss

  1. Never go hungry Plan your meals and snacks. Opt for healthy snacks like Greek yoghurt, raisins, nuts or whole grain crackers
  2. Be honest about daily calories Knowing your calorie intake gives you a chance to build up a plan of what you can eat. Calorie intake is based on your gender, age and physical activity.
  3. Eat right Post workout Many people over-estimate how many calories they actually burn when exercising, doing this you may over eat. This is why weight loss and maintenance become hard due to over eating what you actually need. You can check calories burnt during daily activities online.
  4. Use the red, orange and green rule – By using these colors as a guide for your meals you will not have much room left for higher calorie foods. Colourful fruit and vegetables will help your skin to look healthier and younger.
  5. Eat one less bite – By eating one less bite at every meal could save 75 calories a day which is almost an 8 pound loss in one whole year.
  6. Be a heavy drinker – Drinking water keeps the body hydrated, it also takes up space in your stomach keeping you feeling full, therefore you take in fewer calories.
  7. Kick the salt habit – Salt is a big factor in weight gain. Salt can also make you feel hungry and thirsty.
  8. Spice up your food – Eating hot spices will help to curb hunger.
  9. Don’t think diet drinks will help you lose weight – A study has shown the more diet drinks you drink the higher risk you have of becoming overweight. This is because artificial sweeteners can disrupt the body’s natural ability to regulate calorie intake based on the sweetness of foods. Therefore you may be more likely to eat more because your body thinks you are eating sugar.
  10. Focus on nutrient balance instead of calorie counting – When eating you must make sure that your food has fat, protein and carbs instead of just counting the calories. This will give the body what it needs keeping you fuller for longer.

10 Minute workouts at home

Here are 6 workouts below that are suitable to do at home. You will need to do the warm up and cool down as well as the exercises. According to the NHS choices live well online page you only need to do 1 of these short exercises a day with one rest day a week to improve your general health and to strengthen and tone different muscle groups.

star jump

Here are the 6 exercises

  1. 10 minute cardio workout- This cardio workout will exercise your heart and lungs.
  2. 10 minute toning workout- This toning workout will firm up your bum, legs, abs and arms. You will need a resistant band or use water bottles.
  3. 10 minute legs, bums and tums workout- This workout will tone, firm up and burn fat from your hips, tummy, bottom and thighs.
  4. 10 minute abs workout- With this workout you will tone your tummy muscles and get a flat stomach.
  5. 10 minute bingo wings blaster- Using this workout you will lose the flabby arms. This workout has arm strengthening exercises to tone up your triceps.
  6. 10 minute firm butt workout- This workout will help with your posture it is designed to strengthen your bottom, thighs and back.

stomach crunch

There are also a few products that you are able to use to help you along with your weight loss journey, such as Actislim ultra, XLS-medical fat binder and XLS-medical Carb blocker.