How to avoid the mistakes that can sabotage success when trying to loose weight.

diettHow to avoid the mistakes that can sabotage success when trying to loose weight.

Our mental state of mind can get us stuck in a rut and to most of us it is inevitable, but staying there isn’t .  This is the plateau we experience that stalls our progress when trying to loose weight.  That’s why it is important to feel good about yourself and love your life.

Avoid the following traps to have success

1) don’t keep to the same technique
What worked last week and gave you result of loosing weight will not give you the same this week.
We grow accustomed to things easily, therefore we constantly need to expose our mind and body to new original events, like using a new gym equipment, or doing something unusual

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2) Instant gratification

Do you seek a path that gives you an immediate positive progress but ultimately lead to failure
As humans we tend to start off with positive results but tend to get stuck over and over again.
What we need is to train our brains to aim for long term goals and objectives and not short term gains only.
The best way to achieve this is to break your goals into smaller bite sizes and therefore giving yourself more opportunities for successes.
If you were a project manager, you will set targets to be achieved by a set time ,along the way to the completion of the project.

3) track your success

Successful people in any field always  track their progress, this will prevent you not noticing when you are off track until it is too late.
Like a marriage or relationship , you should measure how you feel about them so you can spot when you have a negative feeling about them and reverse it.
The same way , weigh yourself, measure your waist line , if it is no longer reducing or has started to increase, you will know you have started to gain weight.

4) timing is everything

Do you know your body’s clock and understand it

Many people try and squeeze activities in at certain times of the day when it is not suitable for their natural body rhythm .
Your mind and body may make love more passionately in the mornings, say 6am, but you are always trying in the evenings.
This leads to disappointment.Carb blocker
The same applies to exercise, choose the time when you will exert yourself 110%

Role timing plays an important part of our lives, from decision making to exercise.
You can use weight loss products to help with a gradual fulfilling progress to reach your set goals.


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