The secrets your Pharmacist Knows ( And You Should Know Also)

Pharmacie secours soin

Majority of customers know that pharmacist dispense medicines but most consumers  do not know that your local Asset Chemist Tilbury , the Pharmacist have a great knowledge and understanding of drug therapies and provide advance pharmacy services within the pharmacy.

Consumers need to make use of our pharmacist knowledge and expertise as our pharmacist are readily available. Our pharmacist is avaliable to you  101 hours a week. That is a lot of hours and you don’t need an appointment.

How to get the best of your Local pharmacist

1) Have a good rapport with your pharmacist

Get to know the pharmacy team at Asset Chemist. There is 3 regular pharmacist at the branch , Yomi ,Ola and David. The pharmacists are supported by a wonderful team  of dedicated staff , Jennifer, Jumoke , Maureen and Mabel.

You would not switch your doctor each month – and the same approach should be applied to your pharmacist.

“Like any primary health care provider, customers are best served if they develop a relationship with their pharmacist,”

2) Do you know the services provided by your pharmacist at Asset Chemist?  Visit our website  Asset Chemist Tilbury

Asset Chemist Pharmacists are trained experts in the use of medicines. We  can advise you on the safe use of prescription and over-the-counter medicines.

3) Did you know Asset Chemist is open 7 days a week and closes late every day?

In line with local health policy, Asset Chemist is one of the primary care providers in Thurrock that gives access to pharmaceutical care 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year.

The Services provided by your Pharmacist at Asset Chemist in Tilbury

Reviewing your medicines regularly :

If you regularly collect medicines from Asset Chemist, the pharmacist may ask you how you’ve been getting on with them. If you’re having problems, we can offer advice or, if necessary, advise you to see your GP.

“The Medicine Use Review, MUR  is a detailed chat with your pharmacist about the medicines you take,” says Mehta. “You can talk about what you’re taking, when you should be taking it, and any side effects you might be concerned about. It’s especially useful for people who take a number of medicines.” NHS Choice

Healthy Living Advice ( includes diabetes testing and Blood Pressure Check)

Asset chemist measures your blood pressure regularly FREE

Asset chemist measures your blood pressure regularly FREE

Travel Medicine (malaria prophylaxis)


Asset Chemist can prescribe your malaria medicine for your holiday

Women’s Health (Treatment for Cystitis)

Asset chemist pharmacist can prescribe your medicine to delay your period and treat cystitis

Asset chemist pharmacist can prescribe your medicine to delay your period and treat cystitis

Morning After Pill


Get your Morning after pill. Accidents can happen any time


Men’s Health ( Erectile Dysfunction and Hair loss treatment)

Treating Minor Ailment   

Smoking Cessation

Influenza Vaccination

Weight Loss Management

3 ) Repeat Prescription: Doctor’s surgery are a busy place and your prescription can not be dispensed without your doctor’s prescription.

Asset chemist can get hold of your prescription when you sign up for our repeat prescription service. So you don’t have to worry about your medicine running out. “Running out of your medicine can have harmful effects” says Yomi

Just pop in-store and speak to any of the pharmacy team who will be glad to help you on any of the services we provide in-store.

Store contact details:

Asset Chemist, 128 Dock Road , Tilbury , Essex ,RM18 7BJ

TEL: 01375 846316