Head Lice Does Not Have To Be Your Number One Enemy



Ditch the Itch, from one mother to another.hea

It’s nearly time to go back to school and I’ve had this itchy feeling the whole of the summer. I’ve tried everything to rid this feeling but nothing seems to work. My kids are scratching away and I’m doing all I can to stop it.

My poor babies are riddled with head lice and I don’t know what to do! I can’t stop them playing with their friends but I don’t want them passing it on. I’ve tried a number of products to rid them of the itch. But it seems we’re doomed…

That is Until, I discovered this new product called Lyclear!

Lyclear head lice treatment kills both headlie and eggs

Lyclear head lice treatment kills both head lice and eggs

One afternoon I was telling my friend about our itching issue, and she told me about Lyclear. She was having the same issue with her children and couldn’t stand to watch them suffer any longer, she discovered Lyclear in her local chemist and thought she’d give it a go, safe to say the stuff really worked.

headliceI thought it can’t hurt trying it on my two munchkins, it was quick and easy to use. They never complained about it being uncomfortable and unlike the other head lice treatments it had a pleasant smell.

The itching has stopped, and they seem a lot happier in themselves. I check their hair regularly but the Lyclear mousse  has really worked! No pesky head lice and 2 happy munchkins!

Thankyou Lyclear you are a life saver!

You should not be ashamed if you or your child has head lice. Head lice infestation is common in children and in families with school children, it is not a reflection of poor hygiene. Do not let embarrassment delay your action to treat head lice,

So from one mum to another , don’t stress over their little heads please please please try Lyclear. x