How Your Pharmacist Can help You Every Day with Self Care

Self-Care for life

Are you suffering from cold and flu and need to visit A & E?

selfcare weekSelf-Care for life

Well from the 16th November to the 22nd November is self-care week. Self-Care Week is a yearly campaign to raise awareness about the benefits of self-care and what people can do to take better care of their own health and their family’s health.   And this year’s theme is Self-care for life. We are shining a light on how community pharmacies can help with minor ailments and also help with long term illnesses.

Community Pharmacy

Self Care  week. Pharmacist support customer slfcare

Self Care week. Pharmacist support customer slfcare

Did you know pharmacies can help you too? Not only do they supply your medication, they can also provide information. But not enough people are asking for their help and head straight to A & E with a problem that can be managed at home.  Your pharmacy can help with the following:

·       Lose weight

·       Manage flu symptoms

·       Get fit

·       Stop smoking

·       Cut down on alcohol

·       Eat more healthily

·       Sprains


Do you have a long term illness?

If you have a long-term condition, your health, your way will show you how self-care can help you cope better with your condition and get more out of life.

Make the most of your pharmacist at Asset Chemist

It is important to make the most of the range of Asset Chemist  services available to you and choose the right health service for your health needs.  There might even be something you can do for yourself first, especially when it comes to minor ailments or injuries such as, colic, flu, sprains or strains.

There are 3.7m visits to A&E for self-treatable conditions such as flu, colic and sprains which adds to pressure in the health system.”

Just think to yourself, do I really need to spend 4 hours in A&E for something that can be cared for at home?

So, before booking a GP appointment or waiting hours at A&E, visit your pharmacist at Asset Chemist who can help you Self Care for Life.

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