Do you know what to do when you’re feeling unwell over the Christmas period?


Do you know what to do when you’re feeling unwell over the Christmas period?





Coughs and colds/ Grazes/ Hangovers

Too much wine?
You can treat these sorts of conditions in the comfort of your own home, in fact that’s the best place for you. Rest your head and relax without having to go out in the cold.



Diarrhoea/ Headache/ Sore throat/ Painful cough/ Runny noses/ Minor illness/ Upset tummies/ Skin conditions

Cheerful pharmacist chemist woman giving vitamins to child girl in pharmacy drugstore

Pharmacist chemist woman giving vitamins to child girl in Asset Chemist

Nobody likes an upset tummy or a painful cough, but there’s no need to worry. These conditions CAN be treated at Asset Chemist. The pharmacist can provide advice and treatment for these common conditions as well as dispensing prescriptions for those nasty bugs and runny noses.  Asset is open every day until late so there is no need to worry about the long wait to be seen. Many medicines for these conditions can be purchased over the counter :

For headaches and pain:

  • Anadin extra
  • Co-Codamol
  • 4head quickstrip

Colds, coughs and flu:

  • Actifed Dry coughs
  • Beechums cold and flu
  • Sudafed

Diarrhoea/ upset tummies:

  • Buscopan
  • Dioralyte
  • Imodium

Just to name a few…


Back ache/ Ear Pain/ High temperature/ Vomiting

baby and pediatrician doctor

baby and pediatrician doctor

these are some of the things your GP can help you with along with other conditions (but make sure to visit your Pharmacist before trying to make a doctor’s appointment.) Your GP is your first point of call for ongoing illnesses or injuries.

Urgent Care Centres (UCC)

Severe Cuts/ Severe burns/ Sprains/ Strains/ Suspected breaks


urgent care treatment at a local NHS walk in centre

If you have an urgent and severe but non-life threatening illness or condition then attend the UCC.
Remember to consider an alternative service appropriate for your needs.


Blacking out/ Bleeding you cant stop/ Severe Chest pain/ Choking/ Loss of consciousness/ Stroke


Male nurse pushing stretcher gurney bed in hospital corridor with doctors & senior female patient

Only go to A & E in Emergencies only

These are all emergencies and you need urgent hospital care. If someone is too ill, for example if they have collapsed or cant breathe, dial 999 for an ambulance.

 Don’t  spend Christmas in A & E when you can spend it curled up with your food and goodies after  visiting your pharmacy?