Painful Period Treatment

Painful Period Treatment


Period pain in technical terms is painful muscle cramps in the lower tummy, which can sometimes spread to the back and thighs. Sometimes the pain comes in intense contractions while at other times the pain may be dull but more constant. And most women experience them. The pain usually starts when your bleeding begins and lasts for 48-72 hours.

Period pain occurs when the muscular wall of the womb contracts and presses against nearby blood vessels, briefly cutting off the oxygen supply to the uterus and triggering pain. That’s right your uterus is trying to kill itself for a small amount of time.

Can’t handle the pain any longer?

Asset Chemist can help deal with that dreaded time of time month. With a range of over the counter pain relief products and period pain specific products we can contribute to tackling the pain. Your Chemist Asset pharmacy can help and recommend products specifically for you and your needs.

At Asset Chemist, we can provide pain relief such as Anadin, co-codamol and Nurofen  Paramol products. Other options are hot water bottles or heat patches such as Cura-heat, which cryladytargets the pain directly and more efficiently.

When to see your a doctor

Most women who have period pain find it’s mild enough to treat at home. However, if your periods are causing you severe pain, contact your GP for advice.

Also, contact your GP if you have:

  • a fever
  • sudden and severe pain in your abdomen
  • A lot of blood clots in your period
  • thick or foul-smelling vaginal discharge

When you visit your GP, they will look at your medical history and ask you to describe your symptoms. They may also ask about your menstrual cycle and sexual activity.

Treating painful periods

In most cases of period pain, Asset Chemist online doctor will either prescribe or advise you to take a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).  NSAID, such as naproxen or mefenamic acid.

The Contraceptive Pill

Another option is the combined contraceptive pill; this can help to ease the period pain because the lining of the womb becomes thinner which contributes to reducing the number of prostaglandin chemicals your body releases. If the lining of the uterus is more lightweight, the muscles don’t have to contract as much when it needs to shed away as part of your monthly menstrual cycle. Your period will also be lighter. Asset Chemist can provide the contraceptive pill with a prescription.