World NO tobacco day

World NO tobacco day

Tuesday 31st May 2016

What is world NO tobacco day?

World No Tobacco Day is a day for people to be made aware of the health problems that tobacco can cause.

Tobacco use can increase the likelihood of many illnesses such as heart attacks, strokes, emphysema and many forms of cancer.  This is true for all ways in which tobacco is used, including:

  • Cigarettes and cigars.
  • Hand rolling tobacco.
  • Pipes and water pipes.
  • Chewing tobacco.

quit smoking

Currently every year a total of around 6 million people worldwide, die due to tobacco. In a

bid to raise awareness the World Health Organization (WHO) observes a 24hour day of self-restraint from Tobacco on the 31st of May each year.  The goal was to encourage tobacco users worldwide to refrain from using tobacco products for 24 hours, a step they hoped would provide assistance for those trying to quit.

31st of May could change your life forever, just 1 day of no tobacco. Could start a change for the rest of your life. At Asset Chemist a quit smoking plan can be made. We also offer stop smoking products such as patches and sprays.